Name and description: Seas Of Mirth, a nautical nine piece of rugged, misplaced corsairs with a vigorous galleon of sound.


Instrumentation: a menu of meaty bellowings, gruesome guitars including Irish and greek bouzouki, wild strings of the violin and cello variety, crooked keys a la accordion and retro organ, dastardly drums and any other strange ungodly musical objects that can fit aboard.


The music itself is: Musically it can range from folk, rock, prog, gypsy, pop, psyche to even a tinge of afrobeat. Lyrically, songs range from dealing with

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tempestuous sea conditions, gargantuous mythical beasts, mutiny, tales of severe intoxication and the old heart-crushing love soujourn.


For fans of: Zappa, The Destroyers, Gogol Bordello, Primus, Crooked Fiddle Band, Goat…


Places Seas Of Mirth have played include: Glastonbury Festival, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown Fair, the main stage at Beat Herder Festival, Bearded Theory, Alchemy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, down to numerous venues in the West Country, Bristol, London, various other locations in the British Isles but mainly home turf – the landlocked East Midlands! Also two Euro-tours of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, including Rock ‘n’ Roll Butterfahrt – a piratical punk festival on the island of Heligoland!


“Unique is an overused and often misappropriated word in today’s increasingly homogenized world but it applies, with bells on, to Seas Of Mirth” – Just Another Magazine