The original bassline babe from the Czech Republic who's not scared to mix it up with all kinds of funky sh*t!!!


At the last six editions of Glastonbury festival, Da’ Minx cemented her party credentials, with 6 prime time sets at the legendary Mutoid Waste Company’s “The Unfair Ground”, voted the best field of Glastonbury by the Telegraph, as well as Glade, The Common and other stages. Playing sets following Rudimental, Elite Force and Mr Carl Cox himself!


Throughout the summer of 2015 she had continued to drop her signature of phat bass at festivals all around the UK,  Europe and America such as the Secret Garden Party, Beats for Love, Boomtown Fair and Blissfileds. Last year she popped her Burning Man cherry and even brought the spirit back, playing at the Burn's London Decompression Party. Unlike her role model - Minnie the Minx - Minxy is highly animated behind the decks, and plays tunes that refuse to let you sit still.


After a move to Cape Town in 2002 she was pushing Breaks and Underground tunes onto the South African music scene where she worked with African Dope Records hosting numerous events, including Chix in da’ Mix. 
Making an impact with her versatility and original style she began playing prime time sets alongside such industry heavyweights as Freq Nasty, Dj Vadim and Pascal at some of South Africa’s biggest festivals – Oppi Koppi, The Cape Town and OBS Festivals.


If you look really hard you can even see her riding on the back of a mechanical Mutoid dinosaur in the Paralympics Closing Ceremony 2012!! In her prolific portfolio you can find gigs such as prestigious International Breakbeat Awards, the legendary TCR BBQ, carnivalesque London night Rumpus, opening and closing seasons in Chamonix, and at Krafty Kuts’ popular night in London.