Whether or not you are blessed enough to be able to remember back about 15 years a go in dingy Middlesbrough pubs, you're in for either a trip down memory lane or a confusing stroll amongst the daft! For the one's who know, I need say no more! for those who don't...


...Keith Burton was a bit of a legend in Middlesbrough. After a bit of tracking down and the help of a few friends we've only gone and managed to convince the man himself that it would be a good idea to get mixed up in The Old Saw Mill Garden Party this year! :)

Keith Burton is a versatile singer songwriter from Wakefield, West Yorkshire.


Sitting somewhere between Richard Digence and Flight of the Conchords Keith was a regular visitor to Middlesbrough until he decided to call it a day following a legendary gig at Doctor Browns in Boro in 2006.


With early folk classics 'There's Lizards Abroad',  'Dodi and Di' and the much maligned 'Alcoholic Lesbian Vet' to more recent adventurous musical odysseys 'A Fly' and his Daft Punk parody 'Sound of the Future' Keith returns, although now minus the Beef Curtain due to

legal reasons, after a brief hiatus to his favourite stomping

ground the North East.


Check out Keith's entire back catalogue on Bandcamp,

including his latest offerings 'My scotch egg' and 'Human'

proving Keith still knows how to pen a tune, and take the

p*ss out of himself and others.

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