Where is The Old Saw Mill Garden Party? 


The event location is a secret at this time. We can tell you that the site will be less than an hour from Leeds and about 15 minutes from Middlesbrough. You will recieve the details of the event when you buy your ticket.



 How much are the tickets? 


We are trying to keep the ticket cost for the festival down as low as possible. As you can imagine festivals are extremely expensive to host and the tickets do not cover the costs for the whole event. We rely on other sources of income like the bar to help keep the level of entertainment we want to supply.


Super Value Mega Lucky On The Ball Weekend Tickets! - £1

Early bird ticket - £45

Full weekend ticket - £59

Live in vehicle pass - £10 (each vehicle)

Car park pass - £6 (each vehicle)



 When do tickets go on sale


6pm Monday 31st October from here.



 When can we arrive on site? 


You can arrive on site from 12pm on Friday 15th September and you can enter the main arena from 6pm.



 How much alcohol can I bring with me? 


We want The Old Saw Mill Garden Party to remain independent and need the income from the bar to help pay for the event. We are limiting the amount of alcohol to be brought in to the main arena to 4 cans per person. You can go back to your camp for more if needed.



 Can I bring a campervan/mobile home? 


Yes, mobile home tickets are available to purchase with your event  tickets.


 What items can I not bring in to the festival? 


Glass (no glass can be brought in to the site for safety reasons, please decant any liquids in to a plastic bottle)

Illegal substances

Legal highs

Sky lanterns

Fireworks of any type

Anything that could be thought of as a weapon

Unauthorised sound systems

Lasers (including laser pens)

Spray cans or marker pens

Unauthorised trading items

Professional video and audio recording equipment

Idiots :)



 What items do you want us to bring to the festival? 


We love seeing people have a good time and going all out. Unusual fancy dress is a must, the more bizarre and colourful the better. It will also be a great place to practice any musical instruments or circus skills in front of people or in a corner on your own. Decoration & lights for your camp makes a great weekend in to something more personal for you and your friends. lanyards or chains are a great way to keep your wallet or keys attached to you and saves you spending time looking for them if you lose them. These are just a few tips on what to bring and your darkest imagination is the limit!


 Are fires allowed on site? 


Fires have to be contained and raised off the grass. Please check with a member of staff if you are unsure if your fire container is suitable.



 Are children allowed in to the festival? 


This is a music event and adults often want to make the most of events like this and it can be unnerving to children. Although we are primarily catering for adults we realise it is often hard for adults with children to attend and believe parents make the best choices for children in their care . Children are allowed in to the event with a consenting adult, but will also have to pay the same price as an adult.



 Can I bring a dog in to the festival? 


Dogs are allowed on site, but not in to any performance areas, just make sure he/she is kept on a lead at all times and you clean up after your four-legged friend!