This Is Not Your Average Garden Party! 


"As gentlemen and ladies of high regard gathered and made preparations, for what was to be a garden party of noble and stately origins, a dark cloud, in the shape of both a ship and a caravan, eclipsed the sun and a feeling of unease slithered down the spine of each wellborn."

As the pirates take over there's a air of change sweeping over the garden. All things seem slightly darker...and a lot more carnival!

We will be inviting only 500 people so get your tickets quick! 

 Outstanding New Festival Award! 


We are excited to announce that we've won the Grassroots Award 2017 for 'Outstanding New Festival'. Thank you all who helped us and came along. See you all next year :)

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"Now that ladies and gentlemen is how you do a festival in it's 1st year, f***ing boom!!! Could these guys be the next Boomtown? - Dutty Moonshine
"F***ing hell, you guys were all f***ing awesome. What a pleasure to meet such an outstanding group of human beings.
Your room kicked ass. Thank you for contributing such a major part of the event."
- Rumpus, London
"Kings of leftfield parties on Teesside" - Evening Gazette
"Well if that isn't what it's all about, I'll eat my beaver. Can't thank u guys enough for rounding off this festival season in style!!" - Slamboree


4 People Not Profit aim to promote and support various human rights and social justice issues through a variety of nights in Saltburn and Middlesbrough and surrounding Teesside area. We aim for the nights we put on to raise awareness of serious issues but in a party atmosphere supporting local bands and dj’s and other interesting and different music. We operate as a co-operative association of people working together in a non profit making basis to put on nights which are free and open to anybody.

This year we're focusing on our NHS.

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